A self-revealing retreat for women.

Do you want to feel more confident as a sensual woman? Want to know the secrets to deeper pleasure ? Muse is a journey through the transformational powers of sacred sexuality, self revealing process, rituals, Feminine Yoga and erotic dance. Muse is a week for you to meet new worlds within yourself and unleash your erotic nature.

More to come soon. Stay in touch! 

You will …

  • Practice a Feminine form of Yoga daily
  • Explore the realms of sacred sexuality for women through Tantric and Daoïst ancients sacred practices
  • Explore erotic wisdom, sexual activation and sex magic
  • Unleash the magic of your Breast
  • Be initiate to the Jade egg practice
  • Know everything about Goddess Spot and female ejacultation
  • Ask all your questions about sexuality and pleasure
  • Benefit of Maeva Poornima wisdom and extensive experiences as a holistic sexotherapist with women
  • Reveal yourself through erotic embodiement practices
  • Explore your unique feminine expression and powers
  • Learn how the depth of your connection to self transmits out into what you create in your life…your sex magic manifestation powers!
  • Meet the muse within you